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ProcessBook - Future trend does not auto-update

Question asked by mhopper on Mar 23, 2018
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I am currently trying to solve a problem with several trends on an important display.

The trends in question display forcasted data from "t-1h" to "t+24h" alongside historical data for the same time period:


However, the trend does not update automatically, forcing users to refresh the display using one of the toolbars.


I have experimented with using the script below to refresh the trend but it doesn't have any effect on the trends:


Private Sub RevertTrends()

    Dim sym As Symbol



    For Each sym In ThisDisplay.Symbols

        If sym.Name = pbSymbolTrend1 Then

            sym.SetTimeRange Trend1.ConfigStartTime, Trend1.ConfigEndTime

        ElseIf sym.Name = pbSymbolTrend2 Then

            sym.SetTimeRange Trend2.ConfigStartTime, Trend2.ConfigEndTime

        End If


End Sub


Please can someone help me come up with a way to force the display to update its contents every 5 seconds. Many thanks in advance.