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How to authenticate through PI SDK as with PI Vision (PI Coresight)?

Question asked by Paisal on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by gregor

Dear All,

I have some question to asking the first one is I have beginner of PI and We have PI Coresight in our company but in differrence network (in DMZ).

I can use the same username and password for connect and view the data in PI Coresight,

but when I trying to connect PI with PI SDK via .Net framework still got exception "Unable to open a session on a server. The user name and password may be incorrect at PISDK.Server.Open("connection string").


Can anyone guide me to resolve this problem.


Here is a example code I have use.



               PISDK.PISDK pisdk = new PISDK.PISDK();


                //Connect to PI Server

                Server svr = pisdk.Servers["IP address"];





                PIPoints points = svr.PIPoints;


                //PIPoint point = points["DL_173"]; //tagname

                PIPoint point = points["A501-PT-103B"];

                PIData data = point.Data;





Thank you in advance


Best Regards.