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    How to build FogLAMP on arm linux


      How to compile and build FogLAMP on arm linux using toolchain.


      Under Ubuntu 16.04 ,

      1 .  I downloaded foglamp-snap-master.zip from  https://github.com/foglamp/foglamp-snap.git  and foglamp_1.1.1_armhf.snap.

      2.   I sudo snapcraft

      3.    sudo snap install foglamp_1.1.1_armhf.snap --devmode


      I got "Mount snap "foglamp" (unset) (snap "foglamp" supported architectures (armhf) are incompatible with this system (i386)


      The problem is my device is ARM linux, but it dose not have snap command installed.

      How can you install foglamp in the device?




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          FogLAMP is an open source platform for IoT and Fog Computing. It uses a modular microservices architecture including sensor data collection, storage, processing and forwarding to PI System.

          For documentation on architecture, installation and testing refer to this link


          Building FogLamp - instructions on how to build FogLAMP on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (Server or Desktop). For other Linux distributions, Debian or Red-Hat based, or even other versions of Ubuntu steps may differ.

          Keep in mind the pre-requisites. In addition to the native support, FogLAMP can also run on Virtual Machines, Docker and LXC containers.


          If you do not want to build FogLAMP from the source code, you can download a snap package from Snappy.

          We have snaps for Intel and ARM architectures. The snaps have been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu Core 16 and Raspbian Stretch.

          They can be downloaded here


          FogLamp is actively being developed. If you are interested in learning more, we have a lab in PI World 2018 San Francisco where we will demo and discuss about it.

          End to End Data - From Sensors to PI: IoT and Fog Computing Lab at PI World 2018

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