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Arc-inf gaps when storing a date in a PI Tag

Question asked by Nick.Tietgens on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by gchermont

Hello all,


I created a Tag today where I wanted to store a date. For that I created following analysis logic:

Basically I tested to store the PI tag of the program sequence in the attribute "Evaporator 2" and I know that if I go from any sequence step to the sequence step "162" I have finished a cleaning cycle.

This I stored in a PI Tag as a timestamp, otherwise I want to store nothing. Now my created PI tag looks like this:


Where does the arc-inf gaps are coming from? Based on the flat lines, my logic worked up until I reach specific points in time. When I look at the PI Tag of the program sequence steps, it does not have these gaps. It gives constant values to my analysis:


Thanks for your help!