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In a set of Analysis Calculation Groups, what does (Rank:0) signify?

Question asked by Steven.Taylor on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by sraposo

I am working with an AF Analytics service with escalating scheduling lag issues.


We've been tracing these lag issues through the various calculation groups running on the service, and have noticed that all of our worst-performing analyses are Naturally scheduled with the suffix "(Rank:0)" through to "(Rank:5)". 1) What precisely does Rank signify?


My starting assumption was that these indicate dependencies upon other calculations, but then I've observed that my highest AverageLagms results are for Rank:0 calculations, and then sequentially Rank:1, Rank:2 etc each have lower worst-performers than the previous Rank. So it seems counterintuitive that if my few 5's are those with five layers of dependencies, that they would have the least lag accruing.


In general we have already fixed our worst-performers which were making liberal use of expensive functions - most of these ones left in my list are legitimate calculations happening at (relatively) sensible natural intervals, and so I have reservations about putting them all to Fixed periods unnecessarily.


Regardless of their cause, 2) Are there particular Analysis Service Configuration options which govern this Ranking behaviour and could help finetune the performance of these groups?


Many thanks