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    Error Force SHIFT


      Hello again, I would like to know if you can help me I have a problem with PI data archive 3.4.375.80, at the time of making a shift force to the primary file, the server stops storing data in the file, the weird or worrying is that they are at less a third of all the tags that present this problem and the others keep filing, the message that the tags tell me is arc offline, however in the trends for at least 10 minutes these tags with problems indicate that they file and then disappear All that information, I would appreciate if you have any idea that it may be happening.

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          Dan Fishman

          It appears you might have an archive gap or some issue with your primary archive such as it wasn't created!  If your tag values disappear after about 10 minutes, that is a sign that you are writing data into the archive cache, and when it flushes to disk, there is no archive so the data is lost.


          If this is a production environment, due to your data loss issues, contact OSIsoft technical support first thing.  Take a look at your registered archives and see if you have a primary archive online or if you have any gaps.

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              Thank you very much, we will be in contact with osisoft, likewise we are looking for some solution but still nothing on the horizon.

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                  Hello Cristian,


                  Thank you writing in PI Square !


                  As Dan Fishman mentioned you might be incurring in data loss due to different possible issues happening in your system.


                  I haven't found any case related to this issue under your account. If you want we can create a case and look close at the logs in order to find out what might be the issue.


                  I will also be moving this discussion to a  more appropriated space which is All Things PI - Ask, Discuss, Connect


                  Let us know if it was a transitory issue of it is still pending.


                  Thank you,



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                    Hello Christian,


                    Without a primary archive online, you will lose data and hence this issue should be addressed as soon as possible. If you haven't already contacted Technical Support yet, please let us know if you like to be contacted by a Technical Support representative.


                    It's almost 10 years since PI 3.4.375.80 was released and there have been a lot of bug fixes and improvements since these days. If you haven't done yet, please consider upgrading soon.