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why one data source offline affect another data source updating in PI

Question asked by mengyao on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by rschmitz

hi all,


I have a problem in my piinterface node, where one data source offline will afftect another data source (but not all) updating.


my current system is configured below:


redundant PI server -----> redundant PI interface node --------> each interface node connect to an opc server installed on the same PC ----------> each opc connected to 7 data source.

They are working fine when everyone is online, switch over of pi server and interface node is working.


and now the problem is this,

1. I power off data source no.2 (a specific one not general) , all the other 6 data source still having data in pi.

2. then power off interface A. all the other 6 data source still updating.

3. then power off interface B also, all interface stop updating which is fine.

4. power on A&B, 5 interface updating but no. 2 and no.4 is not updating! (checked opc value for data source no. 4 is good)

5. power on data source no. 2, no.2 start updating and magically, no. 4 also comes back updating in PI!


I have done the test multiple times and get same result. I couldn't figure out the magical relationship between no.2 and no.4 (they are specific data source not random).


Can anyone advice?