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    Time Interval Problem





      When I make a reference to the time interval in a cell in Excel, I get the error shown in the image above ... However, by writing "1h" directly in the PI tool Datalink if it brings me the values.

      Please, help... =P

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          It worked just fine on my machine. A brand new instance of Excel might help perhaps? I can't understand the error message but looks like it is referencing some formula related errors?


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            Hello Kiria,


            Please try to specify a root path, such as \\<Server name>, if in your data item tab you only make reference to your tag name.

            See this example below in my machine:

            Apart from this, the error message seems to be related to a syntax misconfiguration but I can't see anything wrong in the screenshot you sent. Please. make sure your tag name input exists in your PI Server.

            Can you try to reference a different tag to test if you have the same issue ?