Edit Calculation Limit behaviour?

Discussion created by faisal.ramzan on Feb 23, 2012
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I have got a PI ACE calculation in which an infinite loop has been introduced deliberately. This is done to check the overall behaviour of application in case a calculation becomes unresponsive during its execution. According to the PI ACE user guide (page 34), the scheduler would stop the calculation and log a warning, once the calculation limit is exceeded. I can see the number of aborted calculations counter increasing with the passage of time. The only problem is that the calculation doesn't release the resources held by it, in my case its using the 100% CPU. As a consequence, my other calculations suffer from this resulting in more and more lag between inputs and outputs. To recalim back my CPU usage, I have to restart the PI ACE 2.x Scheduler service. 


Is there any other way to avoid this situation, in which unresponsive calculation can be terminated also releasing the resources held by it?