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    How your company work with the PI System?


      Hi everyone,

      today I wanted to ask a very general question, more about your work organization with the PI System.


      In my company, along with PI System acquisition and other tools, we are re-thinking our global IT organization to enable our numeric transformation.


      Formerly working in the industrial IT, I'm now leading the PI System in a process service. I am working more or less alone and have to support the PI System adoption by proving the real value of our industrial data.

      People are now really willing to work with the PI and I think we should create a team for this new activity.


      I campaign for the creation of a dedicated small cell of ‘data analysts’ working with the PI System. Their roles would be to identify valuable data, analyze them with the PI System and provide some valuable reports/dashboards or create KPIs useful to our activity.


      To do so and support this reorganization, I wanted to know if, with PI System, your company has built a new work organization  ? How your teams are working : in a stand-alone entity, under a CDO or within a more traditional IT division? What is the profile of your co-workers?


      Thanks for your feedbacks.


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          From my experience as a former OSIsoft partner and now an OSIsoft employee, the most successful implementations I've seen follow a structure similar to what your are suggesting: local champions with a deep knowledge of their processes and a coordinator to make sure all of them follow the company standards for PI and AF. This allows a streamlined communication between those who make the standards and those who use the standards. Also, a periodic meeting with all parties allows some knowledge exchange between areas. I'm always amazed by how company areas have pretty much the same problems but they go with different solutions because of lack of good communication.


          You may face some resistance of areas to adopt PI ("hey, this spreadsheet does the same thing!"). When this happens, my suggestion is to get close to them, understand their needs and implement it yourself in PI / AF / Vision. After you show them the benefits, you can use it to promote somebody to local champion and help you adoption in this specific area.

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            Indeed, that's more or less how we are trying to go further with the PI System, maybe with less success about the coordination to make sure 'all follow standards for PI'. =)


            Besides, the more I work on the PI System, the more I wonder if it should'nt be compulsory to work with a software-developper team. In order to build some good reports/dashboards in Excel or to aggregate some data and perform advanced calculations, I think it is a 'must do' to work with AFSDK.
            I think that the core PI team must have a stronginformatic background? What do you think?