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How can I get the asset and attribute details of an Eventframe attribute using PI AF SDK in C#

Question asked by SivaR on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by SivaR

Hello All,


I am trying to go from Event Frames search to returning the monitored Asset->Attribute data.

For example from the event frame search i get a collection of event frames in AFNamedCollectionList<AFEventFrame>.

Now i want to loop through each AFEventFrame's Attributes collection and find the original attribute this Eventframe attribute references and its full element path

I see that the AFAttribute.DataReference has a ConfigString property that shows the path and attribute name. Is there a way to get the Name and Path from this ConfigString or another straight forward way?

So i would want Feed Flow and the full path to the element that owns the attribute




Appreciate any help I can get.