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Avoiding ArcMaxCollect limit when calling PIData.RecordedValues()

Question asked by Mark.Derbecker on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by rdavin

Using the PI SDK (I can't use the AF SDK for unrelated reasons), I need to call PIData.RecordedValues(StartTime, EndTime, etc). If my call happens to hit the ArcMaxCollect limit set on the server, the call returns an error.


I can't use PIData.RecordedValuesByCount(StartTime, Count, etc) (where Count is something smaller than ArcMaxCollect) because then I'm potentially requesting way more data than I need if my time range is small.


This seems like such a basic problem that I'm sure folks have a pattern to address it... but I haven't found it looking on these forums.