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RE: Retrieve tag list for a list of assets ( Not in AF)  - Free tool

Question asked by nkrstic on Apr 8, 2018
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In reference to some issues we have experienced before in respect of the PI Point searched we have build a free tool that will help you with those issues. Tool if free for use!

Old case: Retrieve tag list for a list of assets ( Not in AF)

Free tool: Advanced Bulk PI Point - Attribute Search


Although the OSISoft PI system has an extensive tag search that fits all possible search criteria, we have come across a specific search requirement in our work where we had to resort to PowerShell in order to retrieved the desired results. The standard search works fine if you are searching with one specific Tag / PI point name. In case where you require to preform an Advanced search for multiple PI Points or a list including several attributes you can use the Advanced PI Point search we have built.



Any comments are welcomed.

Tool is absolutely free no string attached!