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PI Vision - Collection configuration

Question asked by Patricia_Altran on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Dan Fishman

Hi all,


I have 13 tanks with the same characteristics to show in PI Vision so I created a collection in order to configure it once.


Some of these characteristics are the limits of the tank (Hi and Lo) and I would like to configure them into the gauge.


But if I try to configure them in the format gauge menu\Scale Range I only find two options:

     - Use database settings

     - Enter custom settings

The limits are automatically updated (with the data available) If I select the option "Use database settings" and I would like to configure static limits so this option doesn't work for me.


And if I select the "Enter custom settings" I'm only able to change the values manually but I'm interested to change these values with an attribute value due to the fact that the tanks has different capacity.



Anyone know if it is possible to change the limits with an attribute value and how to do that?


Thanks in advance,