PitoMATLAB problem lauching ADOBD.connection

Discussion created by SPR_Glasgow on Feb 24, 2012
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Hi there,


I'm trying to use some .m scripts which link matlab through the ActiveX display objects (MDAC components of windows) and then another set of scripts that allow SQL access to PI server. However, I seem to have an issue invoking the ADODB.connection early in this process. Matlab gives the error


??? Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception:
Source: ADODB.Connection
Description: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.
Help Context ID: 12ee4f


Error in ==> adodbcn at 29
invoke(cn,'Open', cnstr);


Error in ==> PI_WL at 9
cn = adodbcn(cnstr)


I realise this is a matlab issue and not specifically PI (I am also pursing this on matlab central newsgroup). But thought I'd post here also in case someone has had th same problem and managed to solve.


any help, much appreciated