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Pi Datalink and Excel

Question asked by spadz01 on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by spadz01

The following are a few lines of Excel VBA code for an application that pulls data from a PI server and uses it
to produce graphs:


Worksheets("Data").Range("O2:P2").FormulaArray = "=PISampDat(" & Chr(34) & "\\RTISFS-FTSE\" & PItag & Chr(34) & "," & _

                                                                                        Chr(34) & PIDataStartTime & Chr(34) & "," & _

                                                                                        Chr(34) & PIDataStopTime & Chr(34) & "," & _

                                                                                        Chr(34) & "1s" & Chr(34) & ",1," & Chr(34) & _

                                                                                        Chr(34) & ")"




When the code executes, #NAME? appears in worksheet cell O2 and P2 because it appears that Excel doesn't recognize the string entered into these cells as a PI formula. If I break the code just prior to the execution of the formula assignment (first line) in the code above, and then in the debugger immediately tell it to continue code execution, everything performs as expected and good data populates the array. It seems to be some sort of timing issue.


Has anyone seen this weird type of problem before?