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Which AF DR to use for best performance

Question asked by JanWortmann on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by JanWortmann

We are running the data archiv and the asset framework on different servers.

So to minimize the data traffic between both machines we decided to have an AF-ELEMENT with a PIPoint-DR-Attribute for each Tag in our archiv. Within the AF we want to reference allways these Attributes (with direct PiPoint DR) instead of the PiPoints in the archive. Now we have to choose which DR type we want to use (String Buider, Formula, indirect PiPoint?).


For the later use of these Attributes with references to other attributes e.g. in EventFrames I would prefer to use indirect PiPoint DR. But how would this inpact the performance of our system? Does anyone have experience with that or is our whole idea misleading?





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