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    Incremental Future Data Total


      Hi Team,


      Looking for pointers on how to achieve this-


      I have a future tag x with data stream which looks like, for example-

      And I want to add each sample to the next sample, and then the result to the next sample and so on, to get a result like,

      Is there a way to get this 'array' of results in PI Analysis?




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          Hi Kennedy,


          I see you posted another similar question here: Accumulated Chart . I guess my question is are you looking to store this data in a tag, or would outputting it to Excel be sufficient for your needs? As far as outputting it to a tag I think André Åsheim has some good suggestions in the other thread of yours that I linked above.



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            Rick Davin

            Asset Analytics will have support for arrays in the upcoming PI AF 2018 release.

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              Hi Kennedy, your second "array" of results looks like a total, but event weighted rather than time weighed. On Excel Data Link this would be pretty easy to configure.

              On PI Analysis I don't think there is a way of calculating the event weighted total, but perhaps you can do that using the attribute's PI Point Data Reference configuration. The downside of that is you would need to set a fixed "time range", like to calculate this total over the last month or last day.

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                Hi, Ken.

                I think there are a few ways to do this kind of thing, but the approach depends on your actual use case.  A few questions:

                1. Andre had some good suggestions on how to get the accumulator working with an analysis; the main question remaining there is, what logic do you use to initialize/re-initialize the accumulator?

                2. How do you plan to consume this?  Is it in an Excel report as you showed in your other post, PI Vision, or something else?

                3. Finally, is the assumption that you want the accumulated data calculated and stored for retrieval correct or were you thinking more along the lines of a visual where you select a time range to generate the array of raw data and have the accumulation chart generated on the fly based on the resultant raw data array?

                Please let us know.

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                    Hi Brent,


                    1. I have tried most of the tips available in the Forum (Tagmean, Tagtot etc). and they didn't yield the desired results.

                    2. We intend to use this to Forecast data in PI Vision.

                    3. We want to be a ble to sote and retrieve the accumulated data. The second suggestion would be a useful addition though.