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How PI VIsion query data from PI server?

Question asked by yihan on Apr 11, 2018
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My team and I are currently building a webpage, and getting data through PI webapi.

However we are not able to get the correct data, which the data shown on our webpage will always be different from what is showing on PI Vision (same attribute, same timeframe).


The attributes are mostly using Formula data reference, for example Utilities, the formula is something like:

A = rawfeed total; B = total utilities consumption; [(B/A)*100]

where, rawfeed total & total utilities consumption are attributes with pi point data reference, and its value retrieval method are both set to timerange and total.


On PI webapi stream, we are only able to use GET value and GET interpolated value (calculates using interpolated value gave us wrong value).


It would be good if anyone could explain how PI Vision get that calculated value out, so that we could use that on our webpage as well.