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Custom symbol works remote but not on localhost

Question asked by jnathan on Apr 10, 2018
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I have a problem displaying custom symbols in Chrome when they are accessed via localhost. Here goes the cryptic error message thrown somewhere in the depths of the angular framework:



angular:124 TypeError: Cannot read property '3' of null

    at r (ext:1)

    at t.u (ext:1)

    at m.$digest (angular:148)

    at m.$apply (angular:151)

    at l (angular:103)

    at s (angular:108)

    at XMLHttpRequest.y.onload (angular:109)



When accessing the same site remotely from another machine it works with Chrome.


With Firefox it works with localhost.


The file permissions of the symbol files and the loaded scripts are set so that everybody can access it.


Does someone know which Chrome setting could cause this behaviour? Javascript is already enabled.


Thanks a lot in advance,