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Hello, David here from Oklahoma.  I am new to this forum and could really use some advice on troubleshooting my PI collective.  I lost data for an entire day and need to see if I can locate a file location that may contain a corrupted buffering queue. Als

Question asked by David_inOk on Apr 11, 2018

Sorry, kinda long in my introduction but I could really use some advice on the topic of troubleshooting missing data and how to prevent a future occurrence? I am familiar with the process of locating a corrupted event queue but need to determine if I need Pibuff server services running or if I am ok with only running Pibuff subsystem services running? I have a collective node running on a data server that is connected to a Distributed HMI Network. The receiving server is up and running and receiving data at this time.


Thanks, any help is much appreciated.