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PI Coresight data access as per tags' data security

Question asked by BirajdarSupriya on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by gregor

Hi All,


I have to check if the coresight access can be limited as per tag’s point security and data security. Currently all the users present on the domain can access the production coresight link even though they are not part of PI users access’ AD groups(hence not authenticated to access the PI data).


Action done so far:

For testing purpose, kerberos settings have been applied on test coresight machine w.r.t Production PI server and production AF server. A test tag have been created with limited data security and point security group/users. Still on coresight the data of this tag is visible to all, which ideally should not be the case.


Hence, the work need to done for limiting coresight data access as per data security/point security settings of the tag mapped on coresight display.

Could anyone let me know how to do the same.


Please let me know if any more information required.


Supriya B.