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OleDb Enterprise not showing the correct record when queried by GUID

Question asked by pcassidy on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by gregor



I am using PI OleDb to connect to a PI AF database.


If I query on the GUID shown on System Explorer I get the wrong object e.g.


select * from OPENQUERY([PI],'SELECT top 100 ev1.*

FROM [ABB Historian].[EventFrame].[EventFrame] ev1

where ev1.Id = ''<GUID GOES HERE>''')


If I query the PIAF database directly I get the correct record:


select * from PIFD.dbo.AFEventFrame where id = '<GUID GOES HERE>'


This looks like a bug in the OleDb Enterprise driver?



OleDb Ent 2017 R2

PI AF Client 2017 R2 Update 1

PI AF Services R2 Update 1