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Unable to set IPIAppIdentity identifier

Question asked by SivaR on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by gregor

Hello All,

I have the following VB code snippet to set a trusted app identifier from OSISoft. This seems to crash the application on the line [Set AppId = gPISDKObj]. If i comment out that line and the next one it seems to run just fine.

Any ideas what could be wrong here? We are using PI SDK version 1.3.


Thanks, Appreciate the help!



Sub Main

Dim srv As Server

           Dim pt As PIPoint


           Dim gPISDKObj As PISDK.PISDK

           Dim sGuid As String

           Dim AppId As PISDK.IPIAppIdentity


           On Error GoTo HANDLER


           Set gPISDKObj = New PISDK.PISDK

           sGuid = "********-****-****-************"

           Set AppId = gPISDKObj

           AppId.Identifier = sGuid


           Set srv = gPISDKObj.Servers("PIServer")



           'Get pi point

           Dim ptatr As PointAttribute

           Dim stratr As String


           Set pt = srv.PIPoints("OSIDEMO_Clear Fork.Avg 30d Downtime")


           For Each ptatr In pt.PointAttributes

           stratr = stratr + ptatr.Name + ": " + ptatr.Value + vbCrLf





           Exit Sub



           MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub