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    Display resolution problem


      I have a problem with the PI trend tool in the Pi datalink plugin for Excel. I´ve just upgraded my monitor and gone from a screen resolution of 1680x1050 to 1920x1200. When i open my saved Excel files and look at the trends the scale and legends is barely readable. Is there a way of fixing this witout having to make every trend again?


      Thx /Robin

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          Hi Robin,


          Unfortunately, I don't have a quick blanket solution for all your files, but you can do the following for each trend without having to re-create them all:


          - If the font size of the legends and scale is the problem, you can change the font on the trend. Right-click and select Format... > Global (You can also edit the legend and scales separately by selecting Legends, Horizontal Scale, or Vertical Scale instead of Global) > Format tab and edit the Font section, such as changing the Size.


          - If needed, you can also re-size your trend using either method below:

               1. Right-click and select Move/Resize..., then click and drag to select the cells on your spreadsheet that you want the trend to cover.

               2. From the Developer tab in the Excel ribbon, click Design Mode, and drag to move and/or resize your trend.


          Be sure to save the file after making any change you want to keep. Hope this helps.




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