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    PI JDBC PERL connector


      Hi, every body I need access a TSDB from Linux Web Apache, would you tell me how ca I access it from perl 5.26.1?


      I had been intall Apache Web Server, I had been install the jdbc in Linux Centos 7 after that I had been test conecction and the result was ok:




      com.osisoft.jdbc.Driver 1.5.17320.1

      PI SQL Data Access Server 1.5.16302.2 using PIOLEDB



      SINUSOID 969.3366


      Now the question is how make a web conecction from perl?



      And what modules I must install for make the DB conecction?


      Thanks a lot.



      Xo M

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          Hi Xo,


          If you're looking to connect to the PI Data Archive (I assume that's what you mean by TSDB, correct me if I'm wrong) via Perl I would recommend using the PI Web API in lieu of JDBC, but that's just my preference. Seeing as the PI WebAPI is a RESTful interface, I think you'll find a lot of good documentation out there on generating an HTTP client for a RESTful web service in Perl. Marcos Vainer Loeff goes over some of the other benefits in this thread as well as links some good documentation on developing an HTTP Client in Perl.




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