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How to set-up AF SQL DB components using Amazon Web Services RDS option?

Question asked by amitpatil.vit on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by John Messinger

AF SQL DB components set-up on AWS RDS

Has anyone set-up AF SQL DataBase (PIFD) with DBaaS option in the past? We are currently in the process of identifying cloud DB services (SQL Server DataBase) for one the cloud based AF instance setup requirements. This query is specific to Amazon web services (AWS).


Requirement: Set-up AF service and SQL Server as distributed components on cloud.


Option1: 1 EC2 Server instance for AF Service and another EC2 instance with preloaded SQL Server (EC2 server with SQL AMI), This is pretty much straight forward.

Option2: 1 EC2 Server instance for AF Service and AWS RDS service (SQL Server). Now here, there are some grey areas when we consider RDS. First of all, manual SQL script execution has to be executed using a command prompt (run Go.bat by passing few parameters in the command).


Q1. Can we install AF SQL database scripts on one of the servers and then perform AF SQL scripts manual execution part remotely to point to RDS endpoint as our desired DB instance to host PIFD (with sufficient SQL user or Windows user permissions)?


Q2. Also, I am not sure on how to manage "AFServers" local group in case of AWS RDS?


Kindly let me know in case of any suggestions on the same. Thanks!

- Amit Patil