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    PI Vision User roles.



      I know that PI Vision has two user roles, In the manual it says that;

      • Publisher
        • Has full access to the application and can save displays.
      • Explorer
        • Has access to the displays but cannot save or share displays.


      My question is, can the "Explorer" user role modify  displays, like add an extra pi point , changing the display type etc.



        • Re: PI Vision User roles.

          Hi Alan,


          The Explorer role will be able to open up existing displays that have been shared with it and will be able to modify the displays locally on their browser, however they will not be able to save any of those changes, and no other users will be able to view their changes. Once they move out of the display and come back to it, the changes they made will not persist. In short, no, the "Explorer" user role cannot modify displays.