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How to capture all PI event Frame based on Parent Element using PI WEB API?

Question asked by mamyrand on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by mamyrand

Hello All,

To get all events frame from a know Element, i have to refer to its WebID, which is fine.

"https://mypiafserver/piwebapi/elements/" + WebId + "/eventframes?starttime=" + mystarttime + "&endtime=" + myendtime + ""


Now if i want to get the whole event frame from one Parent Element where each Child Element has their own Event Frame Generation.

How to achieve without going through each Child elements and check if any events exist?

(PI System Explorer shows nicely what i want with just specifying the name filter, start and end time)


The ending of this intent is to build a report where all captured events are there with their specific Primary Element (but this is not included in this question).

Thanks for your Help.