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pithonnet AF SDK - Retreive record count

Question asked by MTaylor8 on Apr 20, 2018
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We used to use an Excel based macro to retrieved large volumes of raw tag data and it wrote the results to a .csv file.  We have replaced this with a Python Script.  The scripts works using the following conneciton details:

Reading from OSIsoft PI AF framwork using pithonnet)
        # PI Data Archive
        piServers = PIServers() 
        piServer = piServers.DefaultPIServer;

        #Specify the tag to be read
        pt = PIPoint.FindPIPoint(piServer, TagList[tag])
        name = pt.Name.lower()

        timerange = AFTimeRange(PeriodStart,PeriodEnd)
        recorded = pt.RecordedValues(timerange, AFBoundaryType.Inside, "", False)

I would like to create a processbar to show the progress of the data extraction without having to loop through the tag reading function twice.  I could not see a .count attribute but is there

something like that I can use to quickly determine the number of records I would be reading for each tag and time period?