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    Remotely print a PI Display from an Allen Bradley PanelView Plus


      I have created a PI Display to represent a Bill of Lading.  The values in this display are linked via Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC.  Is it possible to print this display through the PLC (ex. touch a button on my Allen Bradley PanelView 6 Plus to print the PI Display)?

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          When you say PI display... what exactly do you mean?


          My first impression is that this leaning towards a custom service or application to trigger the printing of the screen you want - basically follow the general method below for printing a processbook or excel screen.... just use an application to watch for the trigger via the afsdk then generate a printout - open the web page and scrape the screen, open excel and print a sheet, or open pb and print the right screen.  I cant think of a single product that automatically generates a printout or PDF.  the closest I can come up with is RTReports is currently going through an development cycle where we're prototyping automatic printing... but that won't be released for another 6 months... and of course you'd have to have RTReports.


          If it's PI Vision/Coresight, I think the answer is no.  I can't think of a reasonable way to automatically print a web page. without using a custom service to drive the whole thing


          If it's PI Processbooks or excel datalink, than maybe kind of a hack would be possible.


          map your (print)display button to a PLC register,

          read that PLC (print)register with a PI tag,

          bring that (print)PI tag into your report

          Write some VBA to print when the (print) PI tag changes


          Unfortunately you'd have to keep the application with the workbook or screen the running, or if you only need a printout once an hour or so, use windows scheduler to run a script that regularly opens the file and prints if necessary.


          Or the hacky answer.  Use a web enabled printer... the kind where you can define an email address for like my office HP's have had for years.  Configure a PI notification to look for your trigger tag for printing.  Configure your email to have the required information in the email then subscribe your web printer to the notification - There are of course limitations on what you can do with the notification formatting, but it would give you something automatically printed with all off the shelf products