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Entry count different filter expression?

Question asked by msj_ on Apr 19, 2018
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I have been following PI Datalink, looking to count how many times an alarm activated  and Count tag Entries over a timeframe and to count frequency of entries.

I only need the count, therefore I'm using the calculated data method, however the two answers used slightly different filter expressions:


1. The following expressions give me different numbers and I do not understand what the role of '*' is in the expression:

     - TagVal('Tag', '*') > 30          returns 831

     - TagVal('Tag') > 30               returns 564

     - 'Tag' > 30                             returns 564


2. If I have an array of 100 tags, can I use 1 set of calculated data like this? Unsure of whether the expressions would correspond to each data item.

     Alternatively I would need to set up 1 calculated data array for each tag?



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