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    RDBMSPI problem when ODBC Connection is lost




      I have an RDBMSPI interface running on a PI server. It connects to an Oracle database and runs a few simple querys. I have a problem however, that if the ODBC Connection is lost (which it will be at least once a month due to maintenance), it stops working. The ODBC connection is reestablished automatically according to the log, and the pipoints seem to be reloaded, but the querys doesn't seem to run. To make it work again, I have to restart the interface.


      Any ideas on how to fix this? Version numbers below.



      Also, how can I prevent the interface from writing digital status to the pipoints? I would like it to not write I/O Timeout or Bad Status.

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          Hi Olav,


          As for suppressing "I/O Timeout" status, you can use the "/No_Input_Error" flag for your interface, which you can read more about in our live library documentation. As for the disconnections causing the interface to then fail to query, I'm not aware of any known issues pertaining to this. I would recommend opening up a Tech Support case, increasing the debug logs for the RDBMS interface and possible also looking at logging for the ODBC driver, because it's possible the issue lies at the ODBC driver level as well.




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