How to plot a stair-step trace? Is there a PI Property for this?

Discussion created by fabior on Feb 29, 2012
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Hello everyone,


I am developing a C# ProcessBook Add-in to manipulate tag data in memory. In my add-in, I can use a tag to create data copies and execute some operations like average and data replacements. The main purpose of the add-in is to allow the user to eliminate undesirable values, using implemented functions, without needing to change the real data of the tags. After that, the user can save the data in other tag or export data as a file.


To use the plugin, the user creates a data copy of some tag, AF attribute or imports data from a file. The add-in implements the IdataProvider3 interface to provide the data like a ProcessBook Dataset.


The first figure below shows a short period plot of CDT158 tag while the second is an example of what I need.






What I am trying to find is a property, or something like that so that I can have a stair-step plot like the cyan line.


Thanks in advance!