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Synchronize Trend to an absolute timed second Trend.

Question asked by DoctorSnuggles on Apr 19, 2018
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i am trying to synchronize 2 Trends for a Batch Process in a way that the first trend is a representation of a Reaction that went ideal and the second shows the actual Running Reaction being plotted live.


What i am trying to do is match both Trends to make it easier to see if something went wrong. That means every time the reaction starts, the upper trend would be set to the start time of a reaction in the past that went good and would move from there in the same speed the second Trend moves (Real Time), wich shows the actual Reaction. So they both would line up. The upper Trend always showing what you want and the lower Trend always showing the actual State. Are there any suggestions where to Start or how to do it? I am very thankful for any Help. I hope i posted my question in the right place.