HA and Updating/Deleting Values

Discussion created by mikeloria on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by smladen

We recently had moved to an HA collective of 2 servers. I believe I am finding some limitations on using data access in regards to updating and removing values. I had called tech support and they said that updates and deletes are no longer possible. I also have an issue in the archive editor in which I am unable to delete or change the last value added for a particular Pi tag. can someone please shine a light on this situation? Is there no alternative? I am currently using OLEDB Provider 2010 R3 against a 2010 R3 server.


I am also interested to know, If  I do modify data in the archive editor. Does the data some how sync up on the corresponding server? I also need a quick fix on clearing the last recorded value. It appears that I was able to clear previous values.




Thank you