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    .dxf files to .pdi or .svg for ProcessBook


      I'm looking for a solution to convert OSII Monarch one-line displays (.dxf) into ProcessBook displays.  OSIsoft has an old (2005) add-n for ProcessBook that I was able to access and try, but no luck.  Was warned it might not work.  Anybody have any success doing this already by any other means?





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          Hi Scott,


          Is this the ProcessBook add-in you have been trying? If so, this add-in is a Legacy DevNet Application for ProcessBook 2.31 or higher.


          The major version of ProcessBook has changed from 2 to 3, I believe in 2008. I also believe to remember that when you open a ProcessBook 2.3 display in ProcessBook 3.x, the display becomes converted. The converted display will than not work anymore in ProcessBook 2.3.


          One thing that may work is

          • Install PI ProcessBook 2.35 on a seperate client.
          • Install the legacy add-in
          • Import the DXF files and store them
          • Copy (2.35) PDI files to another client running ProcessBook 3.x
          • Open displays with ProcessBook 3.x


          I haven't checked this but expect that Legacy DevNet indicates the source code is included and may even be documented. You could try to port the add-in to ProcessBook 3.x.


          For both options, there is for sure no guarantee for success.