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String points updating through PI-PI interfaces are having truncated values

Question asked by 529931 on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by 529931

Hello All,

I have recently noticed an issue with the string tags updating via pi-pi interfaces. We have a set of string tags updating through pi-pi interfaces, these have been receiving same values as the source pi server. However since yesterday I could see that many of these tags are receiving truncated values.

Eg: If the value of the tag in source pi server is "shut-in", the value on the destination server is only "shut".


Are there any known issues with string truncation in PI-PI interfaces. I have tried scanning off and on the tag, so that the tag is edited in the interface, however the values on the destination server are still the same.


Please note that the source and destination PI servers are of 2015 R2 version.

The PI-PI interface is of version

ICU is of version

PI Buffer ss version


Kindly help me on this issue.