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How to implement a list checking plant conditions

Question asked by f.grewe on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by gmichaud-verreault


Implement a list for plant operators to check the state of assets in the production plant.


- Before the plant area is put into operation, the operators have to perform testruns, checking the assets for readiness

- We have pi-tags and the AF-System set up including the information about the assets


1) the operator logs in

2) he then sees a static list showing about 40 checkitems (assets with check-steps)

3) he then performs the testrun using the PLC/DCS and manual steps

4) he then clicks on the listitem (or a button next to it)

5) PI/AF checks conditions to confirm completeness of the test and floods the listitem (e.g. by color). The time of execution is displayed next to the item

6) after having performed all the testruns, the operator may print a report (e.g. pdf-file) to document the successful execution of the testruns.


Thanks in advance