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    PIVision "Mis-remembering AF Database"


      Hey all. Yesterday I deleted an AF database and created a new one of the same name. When I go into PIVision and create a new display using this AF database, it contains the old database.


      I tried restarting the web crawler and that did nothing. Once upon a time there was an undocumented url that I used to use in the older version of PIVision/Coresight that seems to no longer exist, ../piwebapi/admin/search/database.html, that I could poke around in.


      I am running the latest versions of PIVision, AF, and Data Archive.


      How do I resolve this?




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          Hi Vint,


          I was able to recreate the same situation. What resolved the issue for me was to go into the Asset Servers Configuration page on the web server: https://localhost/PIVision/Admin/Configuration/#af-config

          then find the database name that you recently deleted, uncheck the box and click "save".


          Then go to the PI Web API admin page that you referenced: https://localhost/piwebapi/admin/search/database.html (this is still part of the newest versions of PI Vision) and click the little trash can symbol to delete the database that you deleted out of AF. Then you return to the Vision admin page https://localhost/PIVision/Admin/Configuration/#af-config ,check the box for the same database (it should still be there since you recreated it in AF) and click save again. This will cause the database to be re added to the PI Web API databases page and it will be re-indexed, and then the database that Vision knows about will be the newly created one.


          Are you saying that you cannot access https://localhost/piwebapi/admin/search/database.html from your web server? Be sure that you are using https and also that your account is in the PI Web API Admins local group on the web server.



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              Good Morning Mark. When I attempted to access database.html, I did so remotely, not locally. I was unaware that some paged required access while logged in locally.


              Remotely I got a 404 error. This morning I tried accessing it locally and I got a 404.6 error, "The request filtering module is configured to deny the HTTP verb."


              The webserver appears to be normal outside of the local 404.6 error. Graphics are up, data is displayed. I have implemented the CIS Benchmark for IIS and it may be interfering with this page.