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How do I plot an average for an attribute from event frames?

Question asked by BillThuillier on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by lposner

I'm trying to plot a single average line to be displayed in PI Vision. I have created the Average as an Attribute in the Event Frame Template but it does not give me what I want.


The plot of the single Average Line needs to happen when I am doing a "Compare Similar Events by Type". For the example below I would add up each distinct point 10.03, 7.557, 7.02 .... etc. and then get the average by dividing by the number of Event frames in the Analyses in this case 9. By doing this across the Event frame I would be able to plot my Average Line


At the moment if I try to plot my Avg Attribute I just get the average of each event frame which, logically, is exactly the same as the bases attribute i.e. the 9 separate plots for each Event Frame