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    AF Analysis backfill with Analysis DR


      I am facing an issue in AF Analysis when i mouse over on Backfill the error message pop-ups as below,

      Error Message : "Backfilling requires one or more mapped outputs to be configured to save output history"


      The output of this Particular analysis is an Analysis DR and it is not an PI Point DR.  In General Analysis cannot be backfilled for Analysis DR as it doesn't hold historical data , but why the error pop- shows up to me as below,and why it was asking for backfill ,  i would like to know how to address this,


      Is their any way to control \ disable backfilling particular Analysis. (I know their is no option to Backfill for the Output Analysis DR, but wanted to check whether do we have an option to disable to not have this error pop) . I have one attribute as a PI Point Data Reference.

      PI  Analysis Version : 2015 R2.

      PI AF Server : 2016.


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          Hello Nishant,


          You did right by creating a new question but please avoid responding to old threads like you did here, especially if this means duplicating your question.


          The Management plug-in of PI System Explorer provides access to the Analysis Service Configuration. Right-click into the pane at the right hand side and chose the corresponding option to open the following dialog.



          Please note that these settings are global and be cautious when adjusting the configuration. I've just set AutoBackfillingEnabled to False and tested it. According to my observation, PI Analysis Server picks up the change without a service restart.

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