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    Event Frame Generation Analysis - Error in End Trigger




      I am a new user of PI AF and exploring its different functions. My goal is to record time duration of different stages of the process cycle. One of the stages of the process is that the duct temperature goes up for some time and then drops down below. I am trying to generate events when the temp. in the duct goes above 50 C and when it drops down below 80 C and using separate start and end triggers. However, I am getting the following error when I hit evaluate. I have attached the screenshot of the analysis as well.


      EndTrigger: Invalid operation: [enumVal] & [bool]


      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Hi Atif,


          Given the error "EndTrigger: Invalid operation: [enumVal] & [bool]" my first guess is that the 'SVS Duct Temperature' attribute's snapshot value at the evaluation time (4/27/2018 11:32:06 AM) either has the "Questionable" flag set or a bad value such as a System Digital State (e.g. 'No Data'). The error is saying it can't compare an enumeration (such as a System Digital State) with a boolean data type value. If you go to the Attributes tab for the example element BOF\Vessel 7 and right click 'SVS Duct Temperature' > Time Series Data, does the snapshot value have the questionable flag icon or the exclamation point indicating it's a system digital state? If the event has the questionable flag set but is numeric, then you could use the workaround in Known Issue 26428 - PE treats questionable values for PI tags as bad values to wrap it in a function like Float('SVS Duct Temperature') instead in your Analysis.