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Computing Process Cycle Time Using Event Frames

Question asked by AMehmood on May 3, 2018
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I am trying to compute our process cycle time using event frames. We have two systems in operation namely "7" and "8". At a time, one system is in operation. After each cycle, the process either continues on the current system (eg. it was running on system 7 and after a complete cycle, it stayed on same system 7) or it switches to the other system (i.e. 8 as in our example).  I am trying to track the duration of the process using event frames when it starts on one system and starts again after some time on either current or the other system. Following is the start and end trigger conditions I have used. The event frames work fine when it is only 1 system in operation cycle after cycle, however as it switches to the other system, the event frame doesn't end (Eg. 7 was in operation and the event was triggered when Scrap Charge 7 = On, we switched to 8 but the event frame won't end when Scrap Charge 8 = 'On" and it will continue until we switched back to 7 again i.e. Scrap Charge 7 = "On")


I have used the Or function but it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.





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