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Retrieve attribute value by stepping down path X levels from root

Question asked by matthewskl Champion on Apr 30, 2018
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Hi all,


I'm looking for a way to find the value of an attribute from the top of my structure down.  I have a well formatted AF structure for the first three levels from the top down, Production > Division > Site. Depth to the meter template varies as shown with Site2.  It all depends on how the site wants their items organized.


My site element contains the pi server name for the site.


I would like to build my meter template so that I can build attributes for pi tags using the server name from the site level.


What I've shown in the attachment is a simplified version.  There are actually 9 division elements and each of them has between 2 and 10 site elements.  Each site could have hundreds of meter elements.


So, basic question is this, how do I reference an attribute from the full path of the current element, but only down three levels?