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Incorrect Email Notification Content - PI System Explorer

Question asked by georgiawebber on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by jessica.ewy

I have set up a notification in my AF database which sends an email containing information about a particular attribute when an event frame is triggered. This attribute is of a string type, and has a PI Point data reference.


My notification design is very basic, containing only: attribute:Name and attribute:Value At Send Time.


The notification emails I receive always have attribute:Value At Send Time set as 'Shutdown'. The attribute could be any number of string values and 'Shutdown' is not one unless the interface server is shut down, which it is not.


Upon reviewing the attribute's time-series data, there is no record of it ever having a 'Shutdown' value.


The HTML Preview of the notification has the attribute:Value At Send Time I would expect.


(Might be worth noting that the attribute in question contains information about the status of a PI OPC interface node. The attribute:Value At Send Time should be 'Backup no data source' in the notification email.)


Does anyone have any ideas on why the attribute is always set to 'Shutdown' in my notification emails, even though the server is not actually shutting down?