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    PI System in order to save efforts


      Hi PI Masters.


      Anyone please suggest me that how can we build a tool to use PI System in order to save efforts ,

      Which process we can minimize by using or creating tool ?



      Jignesh Vaghela

      PI Adminitrator

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          Rick Davin

          Hello Jignesh,


          This really is such a vague and overly broad question.  It is possible to build a custom application using a PI Developer Technology.  If you are using Windows and .NET Framework, then this custom application would be written in AF SDK in C# or VB.NET or even PowerShell.  If you desire a platform independent application, then you would write the application using PI Web API against the language of your choosing (Java, Python, R, .NET Core, etc.).


          But really it depends on what you mean by "efforts".  Can you describe your use case to provide more details helping your question be less vague?  If the efforts are management tools, then chances are the tool already exists.

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              Thanks Rick and sorry for this blur scenario.


              I am just looking for to create tool by we can save the efforts in PI System to monitor servers and any other admin activities

              My role in PI administrator in organization so more and more looking for to have automation tool. Would you please suggest me the tool name that already existed in OSIsoft or another places ?


              Also , Can you please flash on what Management tool we have ?

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              Hi Jignesh,


              This question is very vague. Obviously there are a lot of tools to interact with the PI System that accomplish many different functions. Can you elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish and what functionality you want to achieve? There is most likely already a tool provided by OSIsoft or a 3rd-party that would satisfy what you are looking for.



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                  Thanks Vincent to look in my query and sorry for this blur scenario.


                  MY role is PI Administrator in pharma organisation,I am looking for any tool by that we can reduce the effort in PI admin activities.


                  I am supporting in PI SMT , configuring interfaces , process-book  , PI user access activities , Tag configuration etc .


                  So please suggest any existing tool or if we can make from above.

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                  Hi Jignesh,


                  Could you expand on what you are doing and what you want to achieve... You can create complex custom tools, use tools that already exist from OSIsoft or partners, etc.  I would suggest starting off by taking a look at our learning page on PISquare Learn PI - you will find a lot of useful training and videos for some of the tools that you may not be familiar with

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