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    DeltaV version support?




      I'm trying to confirm whether OSI PI can connect and retract information from a DeltaV version 12.3 system. Regarding data collection, batch information collection and Alarm and Events migration.

      Tried to scroll through the documentation of the different interfaces I've found but haven't been able to find specific referrals to which versions are supported on the DeltaV side...


      Thank you!



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          Hi Mikael,


          I would recommend taking a look at our Documentation for Emerson DeltaV Bacth interfaces found here on our LiveLibrary site. According to the documentation:


          "The Emerson DeltaV interface can collect data from the following types of data sources:

          • DeltaV Batch Historian (SQL Server)
          • Event journal files (EVT files)
          • DeltaV Alarms and Events server (alarms and events data only, not batch events)
          • OPC Alarms and Events servers (real-time batch data only, not alarms and events)

          A single interface instance can collect data from multiple data sources if the data sources are all the same type.

          For DeltaV 9.3 systems this interface can use the DeltaV Batch Historian or DeltaV event files as the primary data source.


          The interface can be configured to read alarms and events data (not batch data, however) from an Emerson DeltaV Event Chronicle data source (version 10.3 or higher)"


          So I suspect you should be alright using version 12.3 to collect Alarm and Events information. For Batch information is would appear that the information needs to be exposed via the DeltAV Batch Historian, OPC Alarms and Events or EVT files (and not the DeltaV Alarms and Events server) in order to be collected via the Emerson DeltaV Batch Interface




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            Dan Fishman

            You want the Emerson DeltaV interface for this. Many people call it EMDVB or EMDVB A&E Interface depending on how it is configured.  Note, one configuration can bring in both alarms, events and batch information.  It might be a good practice to split the A&E configuration from the batch configuration so you can do different recovery periods if needed. Most people run the interface against the DeltaV chronicle.  A common question is can it bring in both alarm and event type information.  Yes it can!


            I would not recommend running the interface against EVT files and A&E mode does not support this.

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                That sounds promising.

                Thank you Dan!

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                  Rick Davin

                  Dan is off to a strong start for 2019 All-Star!

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                    Hi Dan - I wanted to follow up to make sure I understood your response correctly:


                    I need to the Pi historian to get the following information:

                    >Calculation outputs from DeltaV --- via OPC UA (or DA depending on what PI supports)

                    >Alarm & Event Data from DeltaV


                    can the EMDVB connector bring in the total archive of Alarms/Events without going through OPC AE? i.e. can it sync with the chronicle without the need to go through an OPC AE server? (maybe it runs an SQL query against the chronicle)? I do not need real-time A&E on the Pi server, just for it to be archived/viewable there


                    can the EMDVB connector be configured to also bring in OPC UA at the same time it is configured to bring in Alarms/Events? With the same instance of the connector?


                    thanks Dan Fishman

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                        Dan Fishman

                        The calculation outputs from DeltaV can be retrieved via OPC interfaces and depending on your DeltaV a PI to PI interface can be used.  I believe there are dependencies on licensing models and of course on the embedded PI Historian.  


                        The EMDVB interface (Emerson DeltaV Batch Interface) can bring in historical Alarms and Events without going through the OPC AE server.  You are correct, it can sync with the chronicle and it does this by running SQL queries against the chronicle and comparing with which alarms it has in PI.  Unlike most interfaces, it can do history recovery.  The interface can also be configured to bring in OPC DA events in real-time with the same instance.  If I recall, upon startup it will do history recover (configurable) using the SQL side and will use OPC for real-time data collection.  From my experience, most people just used the SQL components. 


                        Also, OSIsoft has an OPC A&E interface that I have used to bring in alarms and events from various vendors OPC A&E servers.  I've never used it with DeltaV.  I don't know about UA support and OSIsoft would need to provide some guidance.


                        In OSIsoft terminology, the term "connector" implies a different technology stack than the term "interface".


                        My company (Exele) has a free OPC A&E test tool that might be helpful in determining how your server might view OPC A&E data from DeltaV or for general troubleshooting.


                        I hope this clarifies your questions.



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                            I'm having a hard time navigating the 'special' interfaces/connectors/smart connectors for DeltaV. Can you help me with the following statements/questions?


                            1.) the OPC A&E interface can be used with any OPC A&E Server, so theoretically, this would work just fine for bringing in OPC A&E data from DeltaV. It looks like Appendix A in the OPC A&E user guide is even specific to DeltaV. This may be the way to go for me.


                            2.) If I am not performing batch operations, does it still make sense to use the EMDVB as an A&E interface? Maybe it is preconfigured to look at all the vendor specific attributes that DeltaV has in their alarms?


                            3.) I also need to bring in some OPC DA points for historizing, it is unclear to me whether the EMDVB will do this as well. Maybe the DeltaV Smart Connector will do this for me? Will the Smart Connector bring in OPC DA data as well as A&E?


                            I only have two objectives: historize all the alarms/events from DeltaV & use Pi as an embedded historian for DeltaV

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                                Dan Fishman

                                1)The OPC A&E interface should work fine.  You just can't do history recovery.  I have used the interface but not with DeltaV.  Overall, it wasn't too pleasant; however, the A&E wasn't detailed in the manual like DeltaV is!  I think having the vendor specific details would have make it much more pleasant.

                                2) It probably doesn't make sense to use the EMDVB Batch Interface A&E ability if you are not generating batches.  Main advantage of this interface is you can query from the alarm chronically if you need to obtain history.  

                                3) I have seen the DeltaV Smart Connector for syncing assets models and points, but I do not know if it can do A&E.  From a quick look at the manual, it looks like it might be OPC but no A&E ability.