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    DeltaV version support?




      I'm trying to confirm whether OSI PI can connect and retract information from a DeltaV version 12.3 system. Regarding data collection, batch information collection and Alarm and Events migration.

      Tried to scroll through the documentation of the different interfaces I've found but haven't been able to find specific referrals to which versions are supported on the DeltaV side...


      Thank you!



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          Hi Mikael,


          I would recommend taking a look at our Documentation for Emerson DeltaV Bacth interfaces found here on our LiveLibrary site. According to the documentation:


          "The Emerson DeltaV interface can collect data from the following types of data sources:

          • DeltaV Batch Historian (SQL Server)
          • Event journal files (EVT files)
          • DeltaV Alarms and Events server (alarms and events data only, not batch events)
          • OPC Alarms and Events servers (real-time batch data only, not alarms and events)

          A single interface instance can collect data from multiple data sources if the data sources are all the same type.

          For DeltaV 9.3 systems this interface can use the DeltaV Batch Historian or DeltaV event files as the primary data source.


          The interface can be configured to read alarms and events data (not batch data, however) from an Emerson DeltaV Event Chronicle data source (version 10.3 or higher)"


          So I suspect you should be alright using version 12.3 to collect Alarm and Events information. For Batch information is would appear that the information needs to be exposed via the DeltAV Batch Historian, OPC Alarms and Events or EVT files (and not the DeltaV Alarms and Events server) in order to be collected via the Emerson DeltaV Batch Interface




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            Dan Fishman

            You want the Emerson DeltaV interface for this. Many people call it EMDVB or EMDVB A&E Interface depending on how it is configured.  Note, one configuration can bring in both alarms, events and batch information.  It might be a good practice to split the A&E configuration from the batch configuration so you can do different recovery periods if needed. Most people run the interface against the DeltaV chronicle.  A common question is can it bring in both alarm and event type information.  Yes it can!


            I would not recommend running the interface against EVT files and A&E mode does not support this.

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