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PI webAPI and R integration

Question asked by don.guan on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by don.guan

I tried to use the sample code of the PI web API client lib for R ( Please clarify the syntax of the two highlighted lines - the correct way to define the PI AF server and a AF tag.  The error message is "Error: object 'piwebapi' not found". I installed the PI-R webapi package program correctly so I can get the data from your UC Davis data site to R.    


piWebApiservice <- piwebapi$new("", TRUE, NULL, NULL, FALSE, FALSE)

BLR.GAS.DP <- piWebApiService$data$getRecordedValues(path =


                                    startTime = "1-mar-2018", endTime = "*",

                                    selectedFields = "items.value;items.timestamp",

                                    maxCount = 50000)

2.    How to set up the Authentication to get data from my PI system? I added the code below at the beginning of my R code, but I still got the same error "Error: object 'piwebapi' not found".

useKerberos <- FALSE

username <- "myusername"

password <- "mypassword"

validateSSL <- TRUE

debug <- TRUE

piWebApiService <- piwebapi$new("", useKerberos, username, password, validateSSL, debug)


Thank you.