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Totalizer resetting at incorrect time

Question asked by 529931 on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by 529931

Hello All,

We have recently setup a PI server by restoring the backup from an existing server. We had few running totalizers configured on the source server that reset everyday at 8AM AEST. On the destination server, these totalizers are resetting at 4PM AEST. Note that the tag configuration is same on both the source and destination servers.


Last week I had come across this issue, and based on my checks, the clock time on the destination PI server was already set to the correct timezone. However I noticed that the file on the server was of a different timezone (European Timezone) instead of Australian East time zone. I had deleted the file and restarted PI SMT which recreated the file with AEST timezone.


Even after the change, the totalizers reset at 4 PM everyday instead of 8AM AEST. Could someone let me know what is the issue here and what needs to be checked to get the issue fixed?